Paul A. S. Minah
Deputy Director General – Operations & Services

Mr. Paul A. S. Minah was employed in the Sierra Leone Civil Service in February 1986, as Administrative Officer Cadet and served briefly in the Ministries of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Internal Affairs.

Since joining the service, he has participated in a number of training workshops, programmes and courses of study including the coveted Oxford University Post Graduate Foreign Service Programme and also completed the Area Focused Training for building Peace in Sub-Sahara Africa at Hiroshima Prefectural Government in 2009, organised by the Agency under the International Cooperation Program of the Government of Japan, (JICA) and related course of study at the Institute of Public Administration and Management(IPAM) Univeristy of Sierra Leone.

In addition to Mr. Minah’s experience in provincial administration, when transferred to the Foreign Ministry in 1991, and served as Director in various divisions within the Ministry including Asia and Middle East, Americas and Protocol. He also held positions as Head of Chancery in three of our most strategic Missions abroad, namely, the Sierra Leone High Commission in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Republic of Liberia and the People’s Republic of China. During all these periods, he was the Chief Administrative Officer, Vote Controller and Principal Adviser to the Ambassadors and High Commissioner.

With his recent appointment in the capacity as Deputy Director General, his schedule of duty includes amongst others, are direct supervision of the Administrative and Finance, Asia and the Middle East, Policy Planning Research and the Multilateral and Legal Divisions. He also deputizes the Director-General from time to time in a range of activities and functions.